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English Sendai City Museum

The Sendai City Museum (仙台市博物館, Sendai-shi Hakubutsukan) is the main museum of Sendai, Japan, and is located in the former Third Bailey of Sendai Castle.

The museum displays various artifacts related to the Date clan and the history of Sendai. Date Masamune's famous suit of armor and artifacts related to Hasekura Tsunenaga's visit to Rome are sometimes on display. Other historical artifacts can be seen in various temples and museums in the city, such as the Zuihoden Mausoleum.

Source: Sendai City Museum

French Musée de la ville de Sendai

Le Musée de la ville de Sendai (仙台市博物館, Sendai-shi Hakubutsukan) est un musée japonais d'histoire. C'est le principal musée de la ville de Sendai, au Japon.

Source: Musée de la ville de Sendai

Japanese 仙台市博物館


Source: 仙台市博物館

Russian Городской музей Сэндая

Городской музей Сэндая (яп. 仙台市博物館) — городской музей города Сэндай, расположенный в районе Аоба.

Source: Городской музей Сэндая

Chenese 仙台市博物館

仙台市博物館(日语:仙台市博物館/せんだいあひはくぶつかん sendaishihakubutsukan)是位於日本仙台市市中心西部廣瀨川右岸的一座仙台市立博物館。

Source: 仙台市博物館


Russian Городской музей

Экспозиция по истории города и феодального домена Сендай.

Address 26 Kawauchi, Aoba Ward

French Musée de la ville de Sendai ()

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