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Geographical coordinates: 13.85 40.0167


English Berhale

Berhale (also transliterated Berahle and Berahile) is a town in north-eastern Ethiopia. Located in the Administrative Zone 2 of the Afar Region, this town has a latitude and longitude of 13°51′N 40°01′E with an altitude of 639 meters above sea level. It is the largest town in Berhale woreda.

Philip Briggs describes this town as an "unexpectedly large and attractive town, set in a valley below stark twin peaks", which although "neither truly of the highlands nor truly of the desert" Berhale, "with its combination of typically Tigraian stone houses and more austere Afar an agreeable point of transition between the two natural realms." This town was reported as having phone service by 2004; electrical service was introduced in September 2006, when the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation installed a 120 kilowatt generator, street lights, and 200 electric meters. At the time, electrical service was provided from 6 pm to midnight.Records at the Nordic Africa Institute website provide details of a primary school in Berhale during the year 1968. Five British citizens and their Ethiopian guides were kidnapped 4 March 2007 after visiting Berhale.

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French Berhale

Berhale (ou Berahile, Berahale, Berahle, Lemale, Berhahile) est une localité du nord-est de l'Éthiopie, située dans la zone 2 de la région Afar, à l'entrée du désert Danakil et à proximité de la frontière avec l'Érythrée. C'est le principal village du woreda du même nom.

Berhale abrite un camp qui accueillait 6 900 réfugiés érythréens en juin 2014.

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Russian Берхале

Ближайший к Даллолу более-менее значимый населённый пункт. То ли город, то ли деревня, каких-либо достопримечательностей нет, кроме разве что мечети.

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