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lighthouse in Croatia

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Geographical coordinates: 45.49 13.4909


English Savudrija Lighthouse

Savudrija Lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in Croatia, located near to the village of the same name, at the northern end of the Istrian peninsula, close to the Slovenian border which is at the southern end of the Gulf of Trieste. Also known as Cape Savudrija lighthouse, the cape or point being called Punta Salvore in Italian, prior to the Second world war the light was commonly known as the Punta Salvore Lighthouse.Completed in 1818, it is the oldest operational light of the Adriatic. Whilst the Italian lighthouse at Barletta known as the Faro Napoleon is considered to have been built at an earlier date in 1807, it was subsequently deactivated and replaced by a breakwater lighthouse in 1959.It was initially lit with coal gas, the first lighthouse to be designed and operated in this way. Although widely publicised as a success, ongoing problems meant that it was rapidly replaced with an oil fuelled system.

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French Phare de Savudrija

Le phare de Savudrija (en croate : Svjetionik Rt Savudrija) est un feu actif situé à proximité de la localité de Savudrija (municipalité d'Umag) dans le Comitat d'Istrie en Croatie. Le phare est exploité par la société d'État Plovput .

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Croatian Svjetionik Rt Savudrija

Svjetionik Rt Savudrija je svjetionik na rtu Donja Savudrija, sjeverozapadnom rtu poluotoka Istre.

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Russian Маяк Савудрия

Самый старый маяк на Адриатике, построен в 1818 году. Свет, исходящий от прожектора, расположенного на высоте 36 метров, виден на расстоянии 32 км. Строительство сооружения связано с любовной историей графа Маттерниха, который, несмотря на своё положение женатого человека, влюбился в местную девушку, в честь которой и был построен маяк.

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