Pulemelei Mound

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English Pulemelei Mound

The Pulemelei mound (also known as Tia Seu Ancient Mound) is the largest and most ancient structure in Polynesia. It is situated in Letolo Plantation in the Palauli district, at the east end of Savai'i island in Samoa.The stone mound is a pyramid constructed of basalt stones and at its base measures 65 by 60 metres (213 ft × 197 ft) and has a height of about 12 metres (39 ft) on the south edge and 7 metres (23 ft) on the north edge, and appears to have been oriented to the cardinal directions. Excavations have revealed that it was probably constructed sometime between 1100–1400 AD and was no longer used by 1700–1800 AD. The mound was constructed with a base platform made of volcanic stones, and appears to be built on vertically placed foundations stones. On top of the base stone there are three platforms on top of each other, with vertical or slightly sloping side walls. The top platform surface was level and paved with rounded stream stones, and more than 40 stone cairns were found of recent origin distributed on the top. Local informants provided that the stone piles were built when the mound was cleared of vegetation.

Source: Pulemelei Mound

Spanish Pulemelei Mound

El Pulemelei Mound (también conocido como Tia Seu Ancient Mound) es la estructura más grande y antigua de la Polinesia. Está situado en Letolo Plantation, en el distrito de Palauli, en el extremo este de la isla Savai'i en Samoa.

Source: Pulemelei Mound

Russian Пулемелей (курган)

Пулемелей (англ. Pulemelei Mound ), второе название Тиа Сеу (англ. Tia Seu Ancient Mound ), — курган в Самоа, Расположен в районе Палаули, на восточной оконечности острова Савайи.

Source: Пулемелей (курган)

Swedish Pulemelei

Pulemelei eller egentligen Pulemeleipyramiden (samoanska Tia Seu och Pau Malei) är en arkeologisk plats och historiskt område som ligger på Savaiiön i Samoa i södra Stilla havet. Pyramiden är den största och äldsta stenkonstruktionen i Polynesien.

Source: Pulemelei


English Pulemelei (or Tia Seu) Ancient Mound.

This is the largest ancient structure in Polynesia, with a base of 60 m by 50 m and 12 m tall.

Address Palauli district


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