Alofaaga Blowholes

group of blowholes in Somoa

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English Alofaaga Blowholes

The Alofaaga Blowholes, also known as the Taga Blowholes, are a natural feature located in the district of Palauli, south west of Salelologa wharf on the island of Savai'i in Samoa. The entrance to the blowholes is in the village of Taga.In this area, lava flows have created a series of tubes connecting a flat clifftop of lava rock with the ocean below. Waves breaking against the lower end of the lava tubes send water at high pressure up through the tubes, creating fountains that spray every few seconds. As most of the land in Samoa is under customary ownership, the village charges a small admission for entry to view the blowholes. The area is unfenced and surrounded by wet, slippery rocks which can be dangerous. Falling into one of the blowholes would be almost certainly fatal. A track along the coast can be followed west to the ancient village of Fagaloa.

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Japanese アロファアガ噴水孔

アロファアガ噴水孔(アロファアガふんすいこう)、アロファアガ・ブローホール(英: Alofaaga Blowholes)あるいはタガ噴水孔 (英: Taga Blowholes) は、サモアのサバイイ島にある噴水孔。パラウリ行政区のサレロロガにある埠頭の南西に位置する地勢。噴水孔地域に向かう入り口にはタガ村がある。アロファアガの潮吹き穴ともいう。


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Slovak Alofaaga Blowholes

Alofaaga Blowholes alebo Taga Blowholes sú gejzíry na ostrove Savai’i v Samoe. Nachádzajú sa v na južnom pobreží ostrova pri dedine Taga.

Geologické procesy vytvorili tieto gejzíry pred mnohými rokmi.

Lávové prostredie a morská voda tvoria tlak, čím strieka voda z pár otvorov takmer pravidelne po niekoľkých sekundách.Táto oblasť nie je chránená, ale ľudí sem púšťajú len zriedka, pretože kamene v okolí sú veľmi klzké a nebezpečné.

Popri gejzíroch sa dá prejsť do vzdialenej starobylej dediny Fagaloa.

Source: Alofaaga Blowholes


English Alofaaga Blowholes (Taga Blowholes)

Lava flows created a series of tubes connecting the cliff top with the ocean. Waves send water at high pressure through the tubes, creating fountains. The rocks can be quite slippery, so make sure to take appropriate shoes with you. Also beware of tourist traps in this area - the guides here might ask you to take photos as they throw coconuts into the blowholes and then demand money from you afterwards. They can be very persistent, but just maintain your distance and say no.

Price There is an entry fee of WS$5 per person


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