Champ de Mars Racecourse

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Thoroughbred horse race track

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English Champ de Mars Racecourse

The Champ de Mars Racecourse (French: Hippodrome du Champ de Mars) is a thoroughbred horse race track in Port Louis, Mauritius. The Racecourse was inaugurated on 25 June 1812, by The Mauritius Turf Club (MTC) which was founded earlier in the same year by Edward Alured Draper, who served in different capacities, namely as Chief of Police, Colonial Secretary, Collector of Customs, Civil engineer, Registrar of Slaves, Magistrate and Colonial Treasurer.The Mauritius Turf Club is the oldest horse-racing club in the Southern Hemisphere and the second oldest in the world. The race track follows a very selective right hand oval path and is relatively small in size, with a circumference of 1,298 meters (4,258.5 ft) and width between 12 and 14 meters (39 and 46 feet). The home-straight extends uphill and is 225 meters (738 ft) long.

When Mauritius gained independence on 12 March 1968, the event including the flag hoisting ceremony was held here. Since then and for many years, the racecourse has seen the annual celebration of the accession to independence.

Today, the Champ de Mars attracts tens of thousands of people on each racing day during the racing season from late March to early December and has become the ultimate meeting place for racing fanatics from all over the island and even from abroad. The track has also played a fundamental role in propelling horse racing as the most popular sport and form of entertainment among the local population.

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German Champ de Mars (Port Louis)

Champ de Mars in Port Louis, der Hauptstadt von Mauritius, ist die älteste Pferderennbahn auf der Südhalbkugel.

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Spanish Hipódromo Champ de Mars

El Hipódromo de Champ de Mars o bien Hipódromo Campo de Marte[1]​ (en inglés: Champ de Mars Racecourse) es una pista de carreras de caballos pura sangre en Port Louis, la capital de la isla y nación africana de Mauricio. El hipódromo se inauguró el 25 de junio de 1812, por el Club Hípico de Mauricio (MTC), que fue fundado a principios de ese mismo año por Sir Robert Townsend Farquhar, quien fue el primer gobernador británico de Mauricio. Ese centro hípico es el club de carreras de caballos más antiguo en el hemisferio sur y el segundo más antiguo del mundo. La pista sigue una trayectoria ovalada muy selectiva a mano derecha y es relativamente pequeña en tamaño, con una circunferencia de 1.298 metros (4,258.5 pies) y una anchura de entre 12 y 14 metros (39 y 46 pies)

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French Hippodrome du Champ de Mars

L'hippodrome du Champ de Mars est situé à Port-Louis, capitale de l'Île Maurice.

Source: Hippodrome du Champ de Mars


English Champs de Mars

Horse racing track. The racing season is between May and September, usually on Saturdays. To get a nice view on the races, climb to the Citadelle on the neighbouring hill.

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