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building in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

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English Hōsen-in

Hōsen-in (宝泉院) is a Buddhist temple of the Tendai-shū, located in Sakyō-ku of Kyoto-shi, in the prefecture of Kyoto, Japan. It is specified as a natural monument by the Kyoto government.

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Japanese 宝泉院


Source: 宝泉院


English Hōsen-in

Like Yogen-in in Higashiyama, the ceiling of Hosen-in was built using the floorboards of Fushimi Castle, where a bloody historic battle took place. As a result, you'll notice blood stains on the ceiling. Outside, there is a charming garden containing a famous 700 year old pine tree.

Address 187 Shorinin-machi, Ohara
Price ¥600

Italian Hōsen-in

Come per lo Yogen-in a Higashiyama, il soffitto di Hosen-in fu costruito usando le assi del castello di Fushimi, dove ebbe luogo una sanguinosa battaglia storica. Di conseguenza, noterai delle macchie di sangue sul soffitto. All'esterno, c'è un incantevole giardino contenente un famoso pino di 700 anni.

Address 187 Shorinin-machi, Ohara
Price ¥ 600
Hours 9:00-17:00

French Hōsen-in ()

Comme au Yōgen-in à Higashiyama, le plafond du Hōsen-in a été construit avec le plancher du château de Fushimi, où une bataille sanglante eu lieu. Vous pourrez donc voir des tâches de sang au plafond. Au dehors se trouve un charmant jardin avec un pin vieux de 700 ans.

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