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temple in Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan

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English Shisen-dō

Shisen-dō (詩仙堂) is a Buddhist temple of the Sōtō Zen sect in Sakyō-ku, Kyoto, Japan. It is registered as a historic site of Japan. It stands on the grounds of its founder, the Edo period intellectual Ishikawa Jōzan (1583–1672), who established the temple in 1641.

A room in the main temple displays portraits of thirty-six Chinese poets. The selection of the poets was based on the opinion of Hayashi Razan. The portraits were executed by Kanō Tan'yū. This and some other parts of the building date to the time of Ishikawa Jōzan.

The temple's gardens are considered masterworks of Japanese gardens. One of them includes a device called a sōzu, a type of shishi-odoshi designed to scare away wild animals such as deer by making a loud noise. Water trickles into a bamboo tube, and when it reaches a certain level, it upsets the balance of the tube. The tube tips over on a pivot, discharging the water, and turns upright, striking a rock and emitting a loud clapping noise. This link plays a recording of the sōzu at Shisen-dō.

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German Shisen-dō

Shinsen-dō (japanisch 詩仙堂) in Kyōto war ursprünglich die Villa des Gelehrten Ishikawa Jōzan (石川 丈山; 1583–1672) aus dem Beginn der Edo-Zeit. Heute ist sie ein Tempel der Sōtō-Richtung des Buddhismus.

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French Shisen-dō

Shisen-dō est un temple bouddhiste de l'école Sōtō du zen. Il se trouve dans le quartier de Sakyō-ku de la ville japonaise de Kyoto. Ce temple a été fondé en 1641 par Ishikawa Józan (1583-1672).

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Japanese 詩仙堂


Source: 詩仙堂

Chenese 詩仙堂


Source: 詩仙堂


English Shisen-dō (詩仙堂)

Built in 1641, this temple once housed the poet Jōzan Ishikawa. Inside the temple there are portraits of 36 influential Chinese poets. Outside there is a garden filled with many azaleas.

Address 27 Monguchi-machi
Price ¥500

French Shisen-dō ()

Construit en 1641, ce temple a autrefois hébergé le poète Jōzan Ishikawa. À l'intérieur du temple se trouvent des portraits de 36 poètes chinois influents. Dehors, il y a un jardin rempli de nombreuses azalées.

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Italian Shisen-dō (詩仙堂)

Costruito nel 1641, questo tempio ospitava un tempo il poeta Jōzan Ishikawa. All'interno del tempio ci sono ritratti di 36 influenti poeti cinesi. Fuori c'è un giardino pieno di molte azalee.

Address 27 Monguchi-machi
Directions A 15 min dalla stazione Ichijōji linea Eizan, in bus fermata “Ichijoji Sagarimatsucho” nº 5, 8
Price ¥ 500
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