Pier in Sopot

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the pier in the city of Sopot

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English Sopot Pier

The Sopot Pier (Polish: Molo w Sopocie) - the pier in the city of Sopot, built as a pleasure pier and as a mooring point for cruise boats, first opened in 1827. At 511.5m, the pier is the longest wooden pier in Europe. It stretches into the sea from the middle of Sopot beach which is a popular venue for recreation and health walks (the concentration of iodine at the tip of the pier is twice as high as on land) or public entertainment events, and it also serves as a mooring point for cruise boats and water taxis. It is also an excellent point for observing the World Sailing Championship, the Baltic Windsurfing Cup and the Sopot Triathlon taking place on the bay. Sopot pier consists of 2 parts: the famous wooden walking jetty and the Spa Square on land, where concerts and festivities are organised.

To contrast, Southend Pier, the longest pier in Europe is 2158m long but constructed primarily of iron, unlike the wooden Sopot Pier.

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French Jetée de Sopot

La jetée de Sopot - la jetée promenade dans la ville polonaise de Sopot, considérée comme la plus longue jetée en Europe. Elle fut construite en 1927, ensuite reconstruite jusqu'à sa longueur contemporaine de 515 m. Les premiers éléments en métal furent ajoutés à la fin du XXe siècle. À présent la jetée sert de promenade et est l'une des plus grandes attractions touristiques de la ville (et qui dit attractions touristiques, dit aussi payantes)

Source: Jetée de Sopot

Polish Molo w Sopocie

Molo w Sopocie im. Jana Pawła II – najdłuższe molo nad Morzem Bałtyckim. Ma około pół kilometra długości – część spacerowa ma 511,5 m, z czego 458 m wchodzi w głąb Zatoki Gdańskiej. Jest jedną z największych atrakcji miasta. W głowicy mola jest zlokalizowana przystań morska „Molo” w Sopocie.

Source: Molo w Sopocie


English Sopot Pier (Molo w Sopocie)

Usually referred to as just molo, this beautiful wooden pier boasts to be the longest in Europe.

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