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theatre in Aarhus, Denmark

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English Aarhus Theatre

The Aarhus Theatre (Danish: Aarhus Teater) in Aarhus, is the largest provincial theatre in Denmark.

The present theatre house was constructed in the late 19th century, as a replacement for the old theatre, nicknamed "Svedekassen" (The Sweat-box). Since Aarhus had grown to become Jutland's biggest city during the 19th century, the old theatre had become too small to serve the public demand. A new building was designed by the Danish architect Hack Kampmann (1856–1920), and the construction began on 12 August 1898. Only two years later, Aarhus Theatre stood completed and was inaugurated on 15 September 1900.

The architectural style of the building is Art Nouveau, with the national romantic emphasis on natural materials, and the interior design was completed by artists Hansen Reistrup and Hans Tegner.

In 2007, the Aarhus Theatre received an audio make-over.

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German Aarhus Teater

Das Aarhus Teater im Zentrum von Aarhus ist das größte Regionaltheater (Landsdelsscene) in Dänemark.

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French Aarhus Teater

L'Aarhus Teater (en français : Le théâtre d'Aarhus) est le plus grand théâtre provincial du Danemark. Il est situé dans la ville d'Aarhus. Il est une des trois scènes régionales (en danois : Landsdelsscene) avec le Odense Teater et le Aalborg Teater.

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English Aarhus Theater

The city's main theatre. A luscious outstanding art nouveau interior design. You can dine or have a drink or coffee at Café Hack to the left of the main entrances.

Address Teatergaden
ar مسرح آرهوسarz مسرح آرهوسca Aarhus Teaterda Aarhus Teaterde Aarhus Theatereu Aarhusko Antzokiafo Aarhus Teaterfr Aarhus Teateris Aarhus Teaterja オーフス劇場kl Aarhus Teaterko 오르후스 극장nb Aarhus Teaternn Aarhus Teatersv Aarhus Teater
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