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English Marselisborg Deer Park

Marselisborg Deer Park (Danish: Marselisborg Dyrehave) is a 22 hectares (54 acres) enclosed woodland area in the northern parts of the Marselisborg Forests. The trees are somewhat sparse here and the terrain especially hilly, compared to the surrounding forest.

Marselisborg Deer Park is not a deer park in the original sense, as it is not meant for hunting deer. The idea is more like a small safari park, but just presenting a few common species, without exotic animals. Initially sika deer were introduced to graze the curvy open woodland hills, but later roe deer and wild boars has been added.

The park was established in 1932 and have since been enlarged several times. It is owned and administered by the Aarhus Municipality.

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English Marselisborg Deer Park (Marselisborg Dyrehave)

This 22-hectare enclosed section of Marselisborg serves as a low-key sort of zoo or safari park, with a few species of native woodland animals such as deer and wild boars dwelling peacefully in the hilly, not especially thickly-forested environs. The deer park is open from dawn to dusk year round, but for safety's sake it's best to avoid visiting during mating season in the autumn (Sep-Nov), and in the early summer when the does are nursing their calves (June-July).

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