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English Aarhus Botanical Gardens

Aarhus Botanical Gardens is a botanical garden in Aarhus, Denmark. It is located north of the Old Town open-air village museum and was founded in 1875. Nowadays it covers an area of 21.5 hectares (53 acres), with 5 hectares (12 acres) for the Old Town.

The park was originally created primarily as a botanical and academic study-ground in relation to Aarhus University and provides an attraction of interest to those who wish to inspect the thousands of plant species on display here. All are labelled in both Latin and Danish. The landscape is quite varied and includes a large greenhouse center; originally from 1970 by C. F. Møller Architects, but with a newly added tropical hothouse. The gardens have an open-air amphitheatre, two small ponds, a children’s playground and the large lawns are popular with picnics, gatherings and events of all kinds year round.

The greenhouses has been heavily renovated from 2011 to late 2014 and a large tropical dome was added, amongst other facilities. The project was budgeted at 65 million DKK and realized in a cooperation between Aarhus Municipality, Aarhus University and Realdania, with C. F. Møller Architects as architectural designers.

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Spanish Jardín botánico de Aarhus

El Jardín Botánico de Aarhus (en danés: Botanisk Have (Aarhus)) es un jardín botánico de 16,5 hectáreas de extensión que está subvencionado por el ayuntamiento de la ciudad de Aarhus en Jutlandia Dinamarca y depende de la Universidad de Aarhus.

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Swedish Botanisk Have, Århus

Botanisk Have i Århus är en park och botanisk trädgård som tillhör Århus kommun i Danmark och fungerar som rekreationsområde med fritt inträde.

Trädgården ligger i omedelbar anslutning till friluftsmuseet Den Gamle By i Århus, i området mellan Vestre Ringgade, Hjortensgade, Møllegade, Mønsgade och Eugen Warmings vej och är på c:a 16,5 ha (exklusive Den Gamle By på 5 ha).

Source: Botanisk Have, Århus

Ukrainian Орхуський ботанічний сад

Орхуський ботанічний сад (дан. Botanisk Have (Aarhus)) — ботанічний сад у місті Орхус (Данія). Ботанічний сад розташований на північ від музею просто неба Старе місто, і був заснований 1875 року. Площа саду складає 21,5 гектара, з яких 5 гектарів знаходяться на території Старого міста.

Source: Орхуський ботанічний сад


English Aarhus Botanical Gardens (Botanisk Have)

Founded in 1873 as a research garden for students at Aarhus University, nowadays the Botanical Gardens have been repurposed more as a pleasant outdoor space for citizens to enjoy during the warm months. However, for laypeople who may be interested in botany, there are still thousands of different species of plants on display throughout this 21-hectare expanse, all labelled in Latin and Danish. The bulk of the place is a hilly outdoor expanse of open lawns, ponds, and landscaped gardens, with tropical plants to be found in a large greenhouse complex, designed in the modernist style (of course) by the prominent architectural firm of C. F. Møller. There's a small children's playground onsite, ample facilities for picnicking, and a café in the greenhouses, serving light lunches.

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French Botanisk Have

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