Gråbrødrekloster Museum

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English Gråbrødrekloster Museum

The Gråbrødrekloster Museum is an "in situ" museum in Algade, Aalborg. In 1250 a Franciscan monastery was founded here, but it does not exist anymore. The museum displays the archaeological artifacts excavated here at the site and sheds light on the history of Aalborg at the same time.

In Danish the Franciscan Order is called Gråbrødrene (English:Grey-brethren), referring to the grey cloaks.

In 2004, the museum joined the collective organization of The Historical Museum of Northern Jutland together with many other museums in Northern Jutland.

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English Gråbrødrekloster Museum

Underground museum 3 m below Algade street. It depicts the history of the Franciscan monastery as well as the market place, the unknown churches and the city houses.

Address Algade 19
Price 40 per lift load (max. 250 kg), Admission by self-service via the lift tower by the department store "Salling", Algade
Last Edit2017-11-09

Italian Gråbrødrekloster Museet

Address Algade 19
da Gråbrødrekloster Museetnl Gråbrødrekloster Museet