Jørgen Olufsen's House


house in Aalborg, Denmark

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English Jørgen Olufsen's House

Jørgen Olufsen's House (Danish: Jørgen Olufsen's Gård) is located in Aalborg, Denmark. Built in 1616 on the Østerå, a wide-mouth stream which became the city's harbour. Its current address is Østerågade 25. The three-storey house is Denmark's best preserved merchant's mansion in the Renaissance style. Built mainly of sandstone, it also has a half-timbered section. Olufsen, the older half-brother of Jens Bang who built the equally notable Jens Bang's House, was a successful merchant as well as Aalborg's mayor. The residence features an integrated warehouse.

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English Jørgen Olufsens House

Well-preserved renaissance house from 1616 by the merchant Jørgen Olufsen.

Address Østerågade 25
da Jørgen Olufsens købmandsgårdsv Jørgen Olufsens köpmannagård
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