Jens Bang's House

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building in Aalborg, Denmark

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English Jens Bang's House

Jens Bang's House (Danish: Jens Bangs Stenhus; translated, "Jens Bang's Stone House") is a landmark in Aalborg, Denmark. Situated on Østerågade in Nytorv square, it was built in 1624 by Jens Bang in Dutch Renaissance style. Noted for its gables and sculpted auricular window décor, it is said to be the finest privately owned Renaissance building in the country. It also features gargoyles and a sculpture of Bang's face, tongue sticking out. The five-storey building has housed the city's oldest pharmacy for more than 300 years. It is privately owned.

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English Jens Bangs Stenhus

Beautiful renaissance house, built in 1624 by the merchant Jens Bang.

Address Østerågade 9

German Jens Bangs Stenhus

Fünfstöckiges Bürgerhaus. Das Renaissancegebäude wurde 1624 von dem wohlhabenden Kaufmann Jens Bang erbaut. Da er nicht in den Stadtrat gewählt wurde verzierte er sein Haus mit Trollmasken, die seine Widersacher karikieren sollten. Er selber lies sich als Steinfigur im geschweiften Giebel porträtieren. Diese Figur zeigt Richtung Rathaus und streckt die Zunge heraus.

Address Østerågade 9
da Jens Bangs Stenhusru Дом купца Енса Бангаsv Jens Bangs stenhus
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