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English Philippopolis (Thrace)

Philippopolis (Ancient Greek: Φιλιππούπολις, Φιλιππόπολις, or Φιλιπούπολις) is one of the ancient names of the city of Plovdiv (amongst which are Thracian Eumolpia/Pulpudeva, Roman Trimontium) and is the one by which it was known for the most of its recorded history. The city became one of the largest and most important in region, as shown by its still impressive ancient remains, and was called "the largest and most beautiful of all cities" by Lucian.

The city was originally a Thracian settlement, later being invaded by Persians, Greeks, Celts, Romans, Goths, Huns, Bulgarians, Slav-Vikings, Crusaders and Turks.

In 342 BC, Philip II of Macedon conquered the Thracian town and gave it his name. Later, Philippopolis became part of the Roman empire and capital of the Roman province Thracia. According to Ammianus Marcellinus, Philippopolis had a population of 100,000 in the Roman period.

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Bulgarian Филипопол

Филипопол е едно от древните имена на днешния Пловдив, което е било най-разпространено през вековете. Филипопол е град с история на осем хиляди години. Територията на града е обитавана от момента на възникване на първите поселения през VI хилядолетие пр.н.е., въпреки множеството метаморфози, разраствания и свивания, което го прави един от най-древните постоянно населени градове в Европа.

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German translation from Bulgarian

Philippopolis ist einer der alten Namen des heutigen Plovdiv, das im Laufe der Jahrhunderte am weitesten verbreitet war. Philippopolis ist eine Stadt mit einer Geschichte von achttausend Jahren. Das Gebiet der Stadt ist seit den ersten Siedlungen im VI. Jahrtausend v. Chr. bewohnt, trotz zahlreicher Metamorphosen, Ausbreitungen und Schrumpfungen, was es zu einer der ältesten dauerhaft bewohnten Städte Europas macht.

Source: Филипопол

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