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amusement park in Vienna, Austria

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English Wurstelprater

The Wurstelprater (Viennese "Wurstel" or "Wurschtel" = German "Hanswurst" = pantaloon) is an amusement park and section of the Wiener Prater (a park) in the second district of Vienna, Leopoldstadt.

This institution dates back to the time of the Austrian Empire, when Emperor Joseph II made the Prater (which had been serving as Imperial hunting ground until then) open to the public in 1766. Soon the first snack bars, stalls and bowling alleys opened up on the grounds and the Wurstelprater was born.

The best-known attraction is the Wiener Riesenrad, a Ferris wheel. The park also features various rides, bumper cars, carousels, roller coasters, shooting galleries, ghost trains, a Madame Tussauds wax works cabinet and much more. Apart from the rides, the park features various famous traditional Viennese restaurants (such as the Schweizerhaus and the Walfisch) and souvenir shops.

The mascot for the park is Calafati, a 9 m-tall sculpture of a Chinese man, which stands near the Wiener Riesenrad.

The park is open from 10:00 am to 1:00 am daily in its season, which runs from March 15 to October 31. Some attractions, as well as the food stands and restaurants, are open throughout the year. There is no entrance fee to get into the park; instead, each attraction charges its own fee, the attractions being individual businesses mostly owned by local families.

During the advent season, a small Christmas Market can be found on Riesenradplatz, right beside the Wiener Riesenrad Ferris Wheel at the Wurstelprater entrance. This Wintermarkt is open from mid-November till beginning of January and features traditional Christmas gifts as well as seasonal food and beverages.

The Wurstelprater is located in the Wiener Prater and can be conveniently reached by public transport (U1/U2 Praterstern) as well as by car (parking facilities available).

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Czech Prátr (zábavní park)

Prátr (německy Wurstelprater) je největší vídeňský zábavní park. Rozkládá se ve vídeňském 2. okrese poblíž náměstí Praterstern, v severozápadní části rekreačního parku Prátr, jehož jméno v češtině přejal (v němčině se park jmenuje Wiener Prater). Dominantou zábavního parku je známé Obří kolo.

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German Wurstelprater

Der Wurstelprater ist der überregional bekannte Vergnügungspark in Wien, amtlich schon 1825 Volksprater, oft einfach Prater genannt. Er befindet sich mit seinem Wahrzeichen, dem Wiener Riesenrad, im nordwestlichen Teil des Erholungsgebiets Prater, nahe dem Praterstern, im 2. Bezirk, Leopoldstadt.

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Spanish Prater (parque de atracciones)

El Wurstelprater, más conocido como Prater, es un parque de atracciones localizado en el Prater de Viena (Austria), en el segundo distrito, Leopoldstadt.

Su atracción más famosa es la noria, conocida como Wiener Riesenrad. No obstante, el parque cuenta también con otras atracciones como montañas rusas, tiovivos o autos de choque.

La mascota del parque es Calafati, una escultura de un hombre chino de nueve metros de altura, que se encuentra junto a la noria.

El parque está abierto entre las diez de la mañana y la una de la madrugada, desde el 15 de mayo hasta el 31 de octubre. No obstante, ciertas atracciones, así como los restaurantes y los puestos de comida, están abiertos durante todo el año.

No es necesario pagar para acceder al parque, sino que se paga en cada atracción, generalmente gestionadas por familias locales.

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Chenese 普拉特遊樂園


Source: 普拉特遊樂園


English Wurstelprater

This year-round amusement park (map available here was established in the late 18th century, and is most famous for its Riesenrad (see listing below). The park also includes standard fun rides as well as a Madame Tussauds wax works cabinet and the Liliputbahn (a narrow-gauge railroad). Possibly the weirdest attraction though is the Kugelmugel (Antifaschismusplatz 2), a spherical house (diameter 7.68m) that, after failing to get a planning permit, declared independence from Austria. First built elsewhere and carted off to the Prater by Austrian authorities, it now sits uninhabited and fenced off with barbed wire.

Price Free (general admission), €1.50-5 (individual rides and attractions)
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