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English Brentford Dock

Brentford Dock in Brentford, west London, was a major trans-shipment point between the Great Western Railway (GWR) and barges on the River Thames. The building of Brentford Dock was started in 1855 and it was formally opened in 1859. The former dock yard was redeveloped in 1972 and is now Brentford Dock Marina and Brentford Dock Estate.

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English Brentford Dock

Fans of British TV may be interested to know that the riverside area to the south of Brentford High Street is frequently used for outdoor filming by popular series such as ITV's The Bill. The backdrop of the estate (sited on the former Brentford Dock, the terminus for GWR trains transferring goods to the Thames) appears frequently in shows requiring a 'gritty', urban atmosphere. The northern aspect of the Brentford Dock estate belies its extremely picturesque marina (filled with a variety of narrowboats, Dutch barges and pleasure craft) and waterside views, however. Indeed, for connoisseurs of post-war architecture, Brentford Dock is often cited as an example of a successful and aesthetically-pleasing social housing development from a period most commonly characterised by its failures.

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Italian Molo di Brentford (Brentford Dock)

Lo scenario della zona viene spesso utilizzato per film che necessitano di un'atmosfera urbana un po' più dura. La zona nord nasconde una marina molto pittoresca con viste sull'acqua. Per i conoscitori dell'architettura post guerra Brentford dock è spesso menzionato per il successo di un piacevole progetto di sviluppo di case popolari in un periodo segnato da fallimenti.

Address 2 Justin Close, Brentford Dock, Brentford, Middlesex, TW8 8QR
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