Walpole Park

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park in Ealing, London

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English Walpole Park

Walpole Park is a municipal urban public open space run by London Borough of Ealing Council. Its main entrance is situated in the Mattock Lane, Ealing, West London.

In 1987 it was registered by English Heritage on the Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in England.

It is some 28 acres (110,000 m2) in size. Within its boundaries are Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery and Perceval Lodge. These buildings and part of the boundary wall are also statutory protected structures of Grade I and Grade II respectively.There is also a late Victorian ornamental lake bordering the House's rear lawn and further west a pond which has a pair of fountains, both of which attract waterfowl.

The land for the park and Pitzhanger Manor itself was acquired by the council in 1899 from Sir Spencer Walpole, which in turn had been bought by his father the Rt. Hon. Spencer Horatio Walpole. The sum paid was £40,000. It was opened to the public for the first time on 1 May 1901.Walpole is also a ward of the London Borough of Ealing. The population at the 2011 Census was 13,330.

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French Parc Walpole

Le Parc Walpole (Walpole Park) est un parc londonien se trouvant dans le quartier d'Ealing.

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Chenese 華波公園

華波公園(英語:Walpole Park)是位於英國倫敦西部伊灵的市區公園,屬第二級建築,佔地28英畝(110,000平方米),由伊靈議會管理。十九世紀初,公園是约翰·索恩的鄉村別墅(即璧贊嘉莊園)的一部分,到1899年市議會購買了此空地,1901年5月1日首次開放予公眾進入。公園內有兩個法定古蹟,包括璧贊嘉莊園及畫廊(一級)和莊園小屋(二級)。其他著名地標包括莊園後門草地旁邊的後維多利亞時期蛇紋觀賞湖,以及公園西部的池塘及雙噴泉,吸引了不少水鳥駐足。

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English Walpole Park

Relaxing experience. There is a small pond and an ice cream stall. There are also great playground facilities, and even a miniature zoo!

Address Ealing

Italian Parco Walpole (Walpole Park)

Qui si trova uno stagno e un banchetto per i gelati, giochi per bambini, uno zoo in miniatura ed è un ottimo posto dove rilassarsi.

Address Mattock Lane, Ealing, London W5 5EQ
Directions a est della piazza centrale

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ja ウォルポールパークzh 華波公園zh-hk 華波公園
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