Vestry House Museum

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museum in Walthamstow, London

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English Vestry House Museum

Vestry House Museum is a history museum in Walthamstow, focusing on the heritage of the local area. The collection includes various artifacts dating from the Victorian Era to the 20th Century including numerous archived documents and photographs.Vestry House was originally built as a workhouse and was later used as a police station and also as private housing (amongst the exhibits is a replica police cell demonstrating one of the building's previous uses). The building became a museum in 1931.On permanent display in the museum is the Bremer Car, the first British motor car with an internal combustion engine, which was built by Frederick Bremer (1872–1941) in a workshop at the back of his family home in Connaught Road, Walthamstow. The car first ran in 1892 and was donated to the museum by Bremer in 1933.

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English Vestry House Museum

Presents the history of Waltham Forest. The building was constructed to be a work house and has since been used as a police station and a private home. Its collection includes the Bremer car, built by engineer Frederick Bremer in 1892 it has a claim to being this first petrol-driven car made in Britain.

Address Vestry Road, E17 9NH
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Italian Museo Vestry House (Vestry House Museum)

Museo sulla storia della foresta di Waltham. L'edificio è stato costruito come "casa da lavoro" (le case da lavoro, Work House, in epoca vittorina erano dei lager per gli sfortunati che si ritrovano a dover chiedere alloggio per poter sopravvivere) poi utilizzato come stazione di polizia e casa privata. La collezione comprende l'automobile Bremer, costruita dall'ingegnere Frederick Bremer nel 1892, la prima auto a petrolio costruita in Inghilterra.

Address Vestry Road, E17 9NH
Directions Stazione tube/treno: Walthamstow Central
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Hours Mer-Dom 10:00-17:00
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