ancient town in Asia Minor

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English Loryma

Loryma (Ancient Greek: τὰ Λόρυμα or Λώρυμα) was an ancient town and episcopal see of ancient Caria, in Asia Minor (Anatolia, Asian Turkey). It is now listed as a titular see. Loryma was a fortified place with a port, close to Cape Cynossema, on the western-most point of the Rhodian Chersonesus, in Caria. Its harbour was about 20 Roman miles distant from Rhodes and was belonging to the Rhodians.Strabo applies the name Loryma to the whole of the rocky district, without mentioning the town. The Larumna of Pomponius Mela and the Lorimna of the Tabula Peutingeriana perhaps refer to Loryma, although it is also possible that they may be identical with a place called Larymna mentioned by Pliny in the same district.

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German Loryma

Loryma war eine antike Stadt auf der Karischen Chersones. Gegründet wurde sie im 7. Jahrhundert v. Chr. von Rhodos.

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Italian Lorima

Lorima (in greco Λώρυμα) fu un'antica città e sede episcopale nella provincia romana della Caria, in Asia Minore (Anatolia, oggi Turchia).

Risulta ora come sede titolare.

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ca Lorimait Lorimaru Лорима