Crofton Roman Villa

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Roman villa in Orpington, in the London Borough of Bromley

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English Crofton Roman Villa

Crofton Roman Villa in Orpington, in the London Borough of Bromley, is a Roman villa which was inhabited between approximately 140 and 400 AD. It was the centre of a farming estate of about 500 acres (200 ha), with farm buildings nearby, surrounded by fields, meadows and woods. The house was altered several times during its 260 years of occupation, and at its largest it probably had at least 20 rooms.

The remains of ten rooms can be seen today. Two rooms contain the remains of "opus signinum" floors, and three have evidence of tiled, or "tessellated", floors. Details of an underfloor central heating hypocaust can also be seen, featuring both channelled and pillared systems, as can small finds from the site.

The villa is adjacent to Orpington railway station, and is not far from Lullingstone Roman Villa, near Eynsford, Kent.

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German Villa rustica (Crofton)

Die Villa Rustica in Crofton (auch Orpington Villa) ist ein ehemaliger römischer Gutshof (Villa rustica) in Crofton, einer Wohngegend in Orpington, die sich in Bromley, einem Stadtbezirk im Süden Londons befindet. In der Antike lag die Villa etwa 19 Kilometer südlich der Provinzhauptstadt Londinium (dem heutigen London), doch gab es anscheinend keine antiken Straßen in der Nähe. Die nächsten wichtigeren Straßen liegen sieben und zehn Kilometer von der Villa entfernt. Die Villa liegt im Tal des Cray. Die Villa liegt in einer Gegend, die lange landwirtschaftlich genutzt wurde. Heute handelt es sich um einen Vorort von London.

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English Crofton Roman Villa

The only villa open to the public in Greater London. It was inhabited from about AD 140-400 and was the centre of a large farming estate. Today you can see the remains of 10 rooms protected inside a public viewing building. Remains include tiled (tessellated) floors and the under-floor heating system (hypocaust).

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Italian Villa romana di Crofton (Crofton Roman Villa)

L'unica villa aperta al pubblico a Londra. Abitata sin dai primi secoli dello scorso millennio (140-400) ed era il centro di un'azienda agricola. Oggi si possono vedere 10 sale protette all'interno di un edificio di osservazione. I resti comprendono pavimenti a mosaico e il sistema di riscaldamento sotto al pavimento (ipocausto).

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