Bentley Priory Nature Reserve

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nature reserve in the London Borough of Harrow, England

Geographical coordinates: 51.622 -0.33


English Bentley Priory Nature Reserve

Bentley Priory Nature Reserve is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and Local Nature Reserve in Stanmore in the London Borough of Harrow, surrounding the stately home of Bentley Priory. It is a 55 hectare mosaic of ancient woodland, unimproved neutral grassland, scrub, wetland, streams and an artificial lake, an unusual combination of habitats in Greater London.

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English Bentley Priory Nature Reserve

The place is a beautifully preserved nature reserve but it also contains Bentley Priory, this place was the RAF Fighter Command HQ in the Second World War. When London was burning, this place was never bombed, some people say that German Air Command did not destroy it because they wanted to make it their own HQ, this place was inside the RAF Stanmore Air Base but now its been opened to the public. It also has a deer park and a beautiful pond; named Boot Pond.


Italian Riserva naturale Bentley Priory (Bentley Priory Nature Reserve)

Riserva naturale mantenuta benissimo che contiene al suo interno il monastero di Bentley che durante la Seconda Guerra Mondiale fu il centro di comando della RAF. Durante i bombardamenti su Londra, questo posto fu lasciato intatto, si dice che i tedeschi volessero farne il loro posto di comando perché all'epoca si trovava all'interno della base aerea Stanmore della RAF, oggi aperta al pubblico. C'è anche un parco coi cervi e lo stagno Boot.

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