Stockwell Skatepark

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Geographical coordinates: 51.4664 -0.11596


English Stockwell Skatepark

Stockwell Skatepark – aka 'Brixton Bowls' or 'Brixton Beach' – is a concrete skatepark situated on the corner of Stockwell Park Walk and Stockwell Road in the borough of Lambeth in South London. Construction of the park was funded by the Lambeth Borough Council in 1978 and it has been used since then by skateboarders, BMXers, rollerskaters, and assorted other self-propelled wheeled vehicle practitioners. The park is unsupervised and free to use at all hours, and has remained consistently popular throughout its life, both with locals and with visitors from all over the world.

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English Stockwell Skate Park

Also ironically named Brixton Beach, this free skate park began in the 1970s. Skateboarders and BMXers can regularly be seen riding or simply hanging out on the edges.

Address Stockwell Park Walk
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