Leake Street

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street in London, UK

Geographical coordinates: 51.502 -0.1157


English Leake Street

Leake Street (also known as the Banksy Tunnel) is a road tunnel in Lambeth, London where graffiti is tolerated regardless of the fact that it is against the law. The street is about 300 metres long, runs off York Road and under the platforms and tracks of Waterloo station.

The walls are decorated with graffiti, initially created during the Cans Festival organised by Banksy on 3–5 May 2008. The festival ran again on the August Bank Holiday weekend 2008.While the Eurostar terminal was at Waterloo, the road was open for through vehicular traffic. On 14 November 2008 ownership of the road passed from Eurostar to Network Rail and through traffic was restricted to pedestrians.

Prior to the 1920s the street was known as York Street.

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English Leake Street

Also known as the "Banksy tunnel", every inch of the walls of this 300 m-street are decorated with graffiti - it was created during the "Cans Festival" organised by Banksy in 2008. Whatever the legal position may be, the ongoing creation of graffiti is tolerated, backed up by a (graffitied) billboard advert outside the tunnel stating that this is the case.

Address Leake St, Lambeth

Italian Leake Street

Conosciuta anche come il "tunnel di Bansky", ogni millimetro dei muri di questo tunnel di 300m è decorato con graffiti. Fu inaugurato durante il "Cans Festival" organizzato da Bansky nel 2008. Non si sa quanto legale sia ma la creazione di nuovi graffiti è tollerata.

Address Leake Street, Lambeth
Directions Vicino a Waterloo, sotto gli archi del sottopasso dei treni
fr Banksy Graffiti Tunnel
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