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forest in Highgate, London

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English Highgate Wood

Highgate Wood is a 28 hectare (70 acre) area of ancient woodland in North London, lying between East Finchley, Highgate Village, and Muswell Hill. It was originally part of the ancient Forest of Middlesex which covered much of London, Hertfordshire and Essex and was mentioned in the Domesday Book. It lies in the London Borough of Haringey, but is owned and managed by the City of London Corporation.

The London Borough of Haringey contains four ancient woods. These are Highgate Wood, Queen's Wood, Coldfall Wood and Bluebell Wood. Highgate Wood is shown on the Ordnance Survey map of Middlesex in 1886 more or less in its present formation, but known by the name "Gravelpit Wood".

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French Highgate Wood

Highgate Wood est une forêt ancienne de 28 hectares au nord de Londres, située entre East Finchley, Highgate Village et Muswell Hill. Il faisait à l'origine partie de l'ancienne forêt de Middlesex, qui couvrait une grande partie de Londres, du Hertfordshire et de l'Essex, et était mentionné dans le Domesday Book. Il se situe dans le quartier londonien de Haringey, mais appartient et est géré par la City of London Corporation.

Le London Borough of Haringey contient quatre anciens bois. Il s'agit des bois Highgate, Queen's, Coldfall et Bluebell. Highgate Wood figure sur la carte de Middlesex datée de 1886, dans sa forme actuelle, mais connue sous le nom de "Gravelpit Wood".

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Italian Foresta di Highgate (Highgate Wood)

28 ettari sono quello che rimane della grande foresta del Middlesex che si estendeva a nord di Londra. Al suo interno si trova un parco giochi per bambini, supervisionato, una caffetteria e un centro informazioni.

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