St. George's Hall, London

former theatre in Langham Place, Westminster, London, England

Geographical coordinates: 51.5178 -0.1425


English St. George's Hall, London

St. George's Hall was a theatre located in Langham Place, off Regent Street in the West End of London. It was built in 1867 and closed in 1966. The hall could accommodate between 800 and 900 persons, or up to 1,500 persons including the galleries. The architect was John Taylor of Whitehall.The hall was known for three decades for its presentation of the German Reed Entertainments alongside other musical works and lectures. After 1895, it was used for vaudeville, drama, magic shows, as the headquarters of the London Academy of Music, and even as a skating rink. In 1933, it became a BBC broadcasting studio but was shut down after extensive damage from bombing in March 1943. The theatre was demolished in 1966, and the St Georges Hotel and Henry Wood House now stand on the site.

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French Théâtre Saint-George

Le théâtre Saint-George (St. George's Hall) est une salle de spectacle londonienne construite en 1867 à Langham Place, Regent Street, et détruite en 1966.

Source: Théâtre Saint-George

fr théâtre Saint-Georges
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