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pub in London, between Hampstead and Highgate

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English Spaniards Inn

The Spaniards Inn is an historic pub on Spaniards Road between Hampstead and Highgate in London, England. It lies on the edge of Hampstead Heath near Kenwood House. It is a Grade II listed building, dating back to the 17th century.

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Chenese 西班牙人酒馆

西班牙人酒馆(Spaniards Inn)是英国伦敦的一个历史悠久的英式酒吧,位于汉普斯特德与高門(Highgate)之间的西班牙人路(Spaniards Road),坐落在漢普斯特德荒野的边缘,靠近肯伍德府(Kenwood House)。这是一座二级登录建筑,历史可追溯到16世纪。

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English The Spaniard's Inn

Been around since 1585 and has just claims to be one of the most famous pubs in London. Keats, Shelly and Byron all drank here and Dickens mentions it in Pickwick Papers. Local lore has it that Dick Turpin used the pub and that his ghost still does. These days it is a decent pub with a real countryside atmosphere.

Address Spaniard's Rd, NW3 7JJ
zh 西班牙人酒馆
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