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writer's house museum in Keats Grove, Hampstead, north London

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English Keats House

Keats House is a writer's house museum in a house once occupied by the Romantic poet John Keats. It is in Keats Grove, Hampstead, toward the edge of inner north London. Maps before about 1915

show the road with one of its earlier names, John Street; the road has also been known as Albion Grove. The building was originally a pair of semi-detached houses known as "Wentworth Place". John Keats lodged in one of them with his friend Charles Brown from December 1818 to September 1820. These were perhaps Keats's most productive years. According to Brown, "Ode to a Nightingale" was written under a plum tree in the garden.

While living in the house, Keats fell in love with and became engaged to Fanny Brawne, who lived with her family in the adjacent house. Keats became increasingly ill with tuberculosis and was advised to move to a warmer climate. He left London in 1820 and died, unmarried, in Italy the following year.

The house is a Grade I listed building.

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French Keats House

Keats House est une maison-musée dans une résidence qui a été habitée par le poète romantique John Keats. Elle est localisée à Keats Grove, à Hampstead (Angleterre) aux abords du nord du centre de Londres. L'immeuble est à l'origine deux maisons mitoyennes semi-detached house et portait le nom de Wentworth Place. John Keats habitait une de ses deux maisons et l'autre était occupé par son ami Charles Brown de décembre 1818 à septembre 1820. Cette période est probablement sa période la plus productive. Selon Brown, "Ode à un rossignol" a été écrite sous un prunier dans le jardin.

Lors de son séjour dans cette maison, Keats tombe amoureux et se lie à Fanny Brawne, qui vivait avec sa famille dans la maison voisine. Keats est de plus en plus malade de la tuberculose et on lui conseille un climat plus chaud. Il quitte Londres en 1820 et meurt, sans se marier en Italie l'année suivante.

La maison est classée monument historique de classe grade I.

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Chenese 济慈故居

济慈故居(Keats House)是北伦敦的一座博物馆,从1818年12月到1820年9月,浪漫派诗人约翰·济慈和他的朋友查理布朗居住于此。位于汉普斯特得的济慈树林(Keats Grove)南侧,1915年以前的地图显示这条街原名约翰街。也许这是济慈最多产的年代。据布朗说,《夜莺颂》就写在花园里的一颗李树下。



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English Keats House

The poet John Keats lived here from 1818 to 1820 until he travelled to Rome where he died of tuberculosis, aged just 25. The house was restored in 2009 as a museum with period decor, furnishings and a collection of Keatsiana. Some events take place in the building next door within the grounds (Ten Keats Grove); the building also houses a volunteer-run public library, with a collection of books and periodicals, and free internet access.

Address Keats Gr, NW3 2RR
Price £6.50
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Italian Keats House

Il poeta John Keats visse qui dal 1818 al 1820 fino a quando decise di viaggiare a Roma dove morì di tubercolosi all'età di 25 anni. La casa fu ristrutturata nel 2009 come museo con arredi in stile del periodo. Alcuni eventi si svolgono nell'edificio accanto, al numero 10 di Keats Grove. Nell'edificio si trova anche una biblioteca pubblica gestita da volontari che contiene libri e periodici e fornisce accesso gratuito a internet.

Address Keats Grove, NW3 2RR
Directions Stazione metro: Hampstead; treno: Hampstead Heath
Price £6.50
Hours Mer-Dom 100:00-17:00

German Keats House

Address 10 Keats Grove, 14px|baseline Hampstead Heath
Price £ 5.00
Hours Bis 28. Februar 2014 13.00 bis 17.00 Uhr
zh 济慈故居
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