The White Horse

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English The White Horse, Fulham

The White Horse is a pub in Parsons Green, Fulham, London, known colloquially by many as "The Sloaney Pony", a reference to the "Sloane Rangers" who frequent it. It is a popular and busy pub which is featured in many good guides. The pub has been voted in the past as one of London's best pubs, due to the wide selections of bottled and draft beer that they recommend to customers, as opposed to wine.The White Horse is an historic pub. A coaching inn has existed on the present site since at least 1688. The pub was first mentioned in the Spectator in August 1712 in relation to the popular annual Parson's Green Fair at which ale tapping was an eagerly awaited event.

The White Horse was also the meeting place of the old Fulham Albion Cricket Club, one of the pioneer cricket clubs in England.

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English The White Horse (The Sloaney Pony)

It offers an extensive choice of local and imported beers, both draught and bottled. It also serves restaurant grade meals. Particularly interesting, each one of them is matched with a beer. Somewhat expensive, but it is a must.

Address 1-3 Parson's Green, SW6 4UL
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