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theatre in Aalborg, Denmark

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English Aalborg Teater

Aalborg Teater is the main theatre in Aalborg, Denmark. Built in 1878, it was subsequently modified by Julius Petersen and was remodeled in 2000. Its address is still Jernbanegade (Railway Street), although the station and the theatre have both moved. The theatre has three stages and seats 870 in the main auditorium. There are 10-12 annual productions with a total of 250-400 performances, covering a wide selection of drama and musicals.

Originally privately owned, it is now controlled and owned by the Danish Ministry of Culture. While most productions are housed in the main hall, the building can accommodate up to four shows in its other halls.

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French Aalborg Teater

L'Aalborg Teater (en français : Le théâtre d'Aalborg) est le principal théâtre de la ville d'Aalborg. Il est une des trois scènes régionales (en danois : Landsdelsscene) avec le Odense Teater et le Aarhus Teater gérées par le Ministère de la Culture du Danemark.

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Swedish Aalborg Teater

Aalborg Teater är en teater på Jernbanegade i Ålborg i Danmark. Den har fyra scener, och Stora scenen har plats för 460 åskådare. De övriga scenerna är Lilla scenen, Caféscenen och Transformator.

Source: Aalborg Teater

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