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English Blow Up (club night)

Blow Up is a club night that was founded in the early 1990s by promoter and DJ Paul Tunkin at a North London pub called "The Laurel Tree". The night quickly became the centre of the emerging Britpop scene in Camden attracting long queues of people eager to gain entry to the tiny venue. Early regulars included members of Blur, Pulp, Elastica, Suede, The Buzzcocks, Huggy Bear and The Jesus and Mary Chain, leading to the club being referred to as the place where "Britpop was born".The style of Blow Up and its audience has been noted as an early influence on, and instrumental in, the later mid-Nineties explosion of the Britpop scene in the UK and abroad:

By the time Blur played Alexandra Palace about a year after Blow Up started, the whole audience looked like they went there. Pulp and Blow Up are very interrelated – not only do British bands look like Jarvis now, so do fashion models. It's global and I think it started at Blow Up.

Blow Up was the breeding ground of the Britpop sound.

The whole Blow Up thing was a very small corner of a big city in a whole country, but it was buzzing. It was just waiting for some witty soul to christen it Britpop.

The night that spawned a thousand bands, inspiring fashion designers and stylists to recreate the look for the mainstream.

Ten Great Britpop Moments, No.9: Blow Up.

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