St Pancras Old Church

church in the London Borough of Camden, UK

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English St Pancras Old Church

St Pancras Old Church is a Church of England parish church in Somers Town, Central London. It is dedicated to the Roman martyr Saint Pancras, and is believed by many to be one of the oldest sites of Christian worship in England. The church is situated on Pancras Road in the London Borough of Camden, with the surrounding area and its international railway station taking its name. St Pancras Old Church, which was largely rebuilt in the Victorian era, should not be confused with St Pancras New Church (1819–1822) about 860 metres (940 yd) away, on Euston Road.

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French St Pancras Old Church

St Pancras Old Church (« ancienne église de Saint-Pancrace » qui ne doit être confondue avec la St Pancras New Church, la « nouvelle église de Saint Pancrace »), est une église paroissiale de l'Église d'Angleterre située dans le centre de Londres.

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Chenese 圣潘克拉斯老教堂

圣潘克拉斯老教堂(St Pancras Old Church)是一座英国圣公会教堂,位于伦敦卡姆登区的潘克拉斯路,得名于所在的圣潘克拉斯和圣潘克拉斯火车站,供奉一位罗马殉道者聖龐加爵。据信这是英国最古老的基督教礼拜地点之一,在维多利亚时期重建。大约1公里外的尤斯顿路上有圣潘克拉斯新教堂。


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English St. Pancras Old Church and cemetery

Hidden away behind St. Pancras railway station is what is believed to be one of the oldest sites of Christian worship in England. There has been a church on the site since at least around the year 314. The current church is mostly a 19th-century structure, but it contains some traces of an older Norman structure. Surrounding the church is a cemetery, today transformed into a public park that contains a memorial to philosopher and "mother of feminism" Mary Wollstonecraft, who was originally buried there before her remains were moved to Bournemouth. This is where her daughter Mary, the author of Frankenstein, first declared her love for her future husband, Romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley.

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Italian Vecchia chiesa di St. Pancras Old Church e il cimitero (St. Pancras Old Church and cemetery)

Nascosta dietro la stazione di St. Pancras si pensa sia una dei posti più antichi dove si professi la fede cristiana in Inghilterra. Su questo terreno chiese sono state edificate sin dal 314 e l'attuale è una struttura del XIX secolo anche se contiene tracce di una più vecchia struttura normanna. Attorno alla chiesa si trova un cimitero, oggi trasformato in parco pubblico contenente un memoriale di Mary Wollstonecraft, seppellita qui in origine prima che le spoglie fossero poi spostate a Bournemouth.

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az Müqəddəs Pankras kilsəsickb کڵێسای کۆنی قەشە پانکراسeo Malnova preĝejo Sankta-Pancrashe הכנסייה הקדושה סנט פנקראסja セント・パンクラス・オールド教会zh 圣潘克拉斯老教堂
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