Sam Wanamaker Playhouse

theatre on Bankside, London, England, forming part of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

Geographical coordinates: 51.5079 -0.09655


English Sam Wanamaker Playhouse

The Sam Wanamaker Playhouse is an indoor theatre forming part of Shakespeare's Globe, along with the Globe Theatre on Bankside, London. Built making use of 17th-century plans for an indoor theatre, the playhouse recalls the layout and style of the Blackfriars Theatre, although it is not an exact reconstruction. Its shell was built during the construction of the Shakespeare's Globe complex, notable for the reconstruction of the open-air Globe Theatre of the same period. The shell was used as a space for education workshops and rehearsals until enough money was raised to complete the playhouse. It opened in January 2014, named after Sam Wanamaker, the leading figure in the Globe's reconstruction.

Source: Sam Wanamaker Playhouse


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