Victoria Palace Theatre

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theatre in Westminster, London, England

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English Victoria Palace Theatre

The Victoria Palace Theatre is a West End theatre in Victoria Street, in the City of Westminster, opposite Victoria Station.

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Italian Victoria Palace Theatre

Il Vitoria Palace Theatre è un teatro sito nella città di Westminster del West End di Londra, di fronte alla stazione di Londra Victoria.

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Korean 빅토리아 팰리스 극장

빅토리아 팰리스 극장(영어: Victoria Palace Theatre)은 시티 오브 웨스트민스터에 있는 극장이다. 1911년 개장하였다. 2011년 2월 빌리 엘리엇을 공연 하고 있다.

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Chenese 维多利亚皇宫剧院

维多利亚皇宫剧院(Victoria Palace Theatre)是一个西区剧院,位于英国伦敦西敏市维多利亚街,维多利亚车站对面。

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English Victoria Palace Theatre

This theater was built in 1911, and was extensive renovated in 2016/17. As of 2018 Hamilton is played here and it is easier to get tickets here than at Broadway.

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French Victoria Palace Theatre

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arz ڤيكتوريا پالاس ثيتر‏fa تئاتر ویکتوریا پالاسja ヴィクトリア・パレス・シアターko 빅토리아 팰리스 극장zh 维多利亚皇宫剧院zh-cn 维多利亚宫剧院zh-hans 维多利亚宫剧院zh-hant 維多利亞宮劇院
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