Holy Trinity, Sloane Street

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church in Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, UK

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English Holy Trinity, Sloane Street

Holy Trinity Sloane Street (The Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity with Saint Jude, Upper Chelsea, sometimes known as Holy Trinity Sloane Square) is a London Anglican parish church. It was built in 1888–90 at the south-eastern side of Sloane Street, to a striking Arts and Crafts design, by the architect John Dando Sedding, and paid for by 5th Earl Cadogan, in whose London estate it lay. It replaced an earlier building only half its size which, at the time of its demolition, was less than 60 years old.

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Chenese 斯隆街圣三一堂

斯隆街圣三一堂(Holy Trinity Sloane Street)是英国伦敦的一座圣公会教堂,建于1888-1890年,位于斯隆街东南侧,引人注目的艺术与工艺美术运动风格,由建筑师约翰·丹多·塞丁设计,卡多根伯爵在自己的地产上出资建造。

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English Holy Trinity Church

From their website: "In common with the aims of the Arts & Crafts Movement, the architect of Holy Trinity Church, John Dando Sedding, believed that a church should be 'wrought and painted over with everything that has life and beauty—in frank and fearless naturalism.'" Naturalism or not, the church is known as an ornate building.

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Italian Chiesa della Stanta Trinità (Holy Trinity Church)

Dal loro sito web: "L'architetto John Dando Sedding, in accordo con la proposta del Movimento delle Arti e Mestieri, credeva che la chiesa dovesse essere lavorata e dipinta con tutto quello che abbia vita e bellezza con franca e intrepida naturalezza.".

Address Sloane Street, SW1X 9BZ
Directions Stazione tube: Sloane Square
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