Fort Denison

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heritage-listed former penal site and defensive facility in Sydney Harbour, Australia

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English Fort Denison

Building detailsFort Denison, part of the Sydney Harbour National Park, is a protected national park that is a heritage-listed former penal site and defensive facility occupying a small island located north-east of the Royal Botanic Gardens and approximately 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) east of the Opera House in Sydney Harbour, New South Wales, Australia. The island was formerly known in its indigenous name of Mat-te-wan-ye, and as Pinchgut Island.

The site contains time gun, navigational aids and tide gauge facilities. Correctional and military facilities were designed by George Barney and built from 1840 to 1862 by William Randle. The property is owned by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, an agency of the Government of New South Wales. It was added to the New South Wales State Heritage Register on 2 April 1999. In 1978 the former fortress was listed on the (now defunct) Register of the National Estate, and is currently used as a national park, nature reserve, tourist facility, and as a function space.

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French Fort Denison

Fort Denison est une petite île à Port Jackson, le port de Sydney en Nouvelle-Galles du Sud, en Australie.

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Italian Fort Denison

Fort Denison è una piccola fortezza del secolo XIX che occupa l'intera superficie dell'isola di Pinchgut, nell'insenatura di Port Jackson a Sydney, in Australia. La struttura comprende una "Torre Martello", l'unica costruita in Australia, ed un faro.

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Korean 데니슨 성채

데니슨 성채(Fort Denison)는 시드니 항만 입구의 핀치가트 섬에 위치한 작은 건축물로 원주민 언어로 'Mat-te-wan-ye'라고 불리며, 1857년 11월 14일 완공 당시의 총독이었던 윌리엄 토마스 데니슨 경의 이름을 따서 데니슨 성채라고 이름지어졌다.

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Swedish Fort Denison

Fort Denison är en ö i Australien. Den ligger i delstaten New South Wales, i den sydöstra delen av landet, nära delstatshuvudstaden Sydney.

Runt Fort Denison är det i huvudsak tätbebyggt. Genomsnittlig årsnederbörd är 1 380 millimeter. Den regnigaste månaden är februari, med i genomsnitt 200 mm nederbörd, och den torraste är juli, med 36 mm nederbörd.

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ja フォート・デニソンko 데니슨 성채zh 丹尼森堡
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