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English Southbank Centre

Southbank Centre is a complex of artistic venues in London, England, on the South Bank of the River Thames (between Hungerford Bridge and Waterloo Bridge).

It comprises three main performance venues (the Royal Festival Hall including the Saison Poetry Library, the Queen Elizabeth Hall and the Purcell Room), together with the Hayward Gallery, and is Europe’s largest centre for the arts. It attracted 4,451,934 visitors during 2018. Over two thousand paid performances of music, dance and literature are staged at Southbank Centre each year, as well as over two thousand free events and an education programme, in and around the performing arts venues. In addition, three to six major art exhibitions are presented at Hayward Gallery yearly, and National Touring Exhibitions reach over 100 venues across the UK.

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cs Southbank Centre

Southbank Centre v Londýně bylo založeno roku 1951 pro Festival of Britain. Je místem výstav, koncertů, divadla a recitace. V současné době spravuje sbírky Arts Council England situované v Hayward Gallery a v Yorkshire Sculpture Park (Longside), putovní výstavy umění organizované Hayward Gallery, provozuje několik koncertních síní, podporuje čtyři orchestry, asi stovku uměleckých organizací a hostující umělce.

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French Southbank Centre

Le Southbank Centre (anciennement South Bank Centre, avant 2007) est un ensemble de salles de musique de concert situé le long de la Tamise entre County Hall et le Waterloo Bridge sur la South Bank de Londres au Royaume-Uni. Créé après la Seconde Guerre mondiale, il est composé de trois bâtiments principaux que sont le Royal Festival Hall, le Queen Elizabeth Hall et le musée The Hayward.

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Italian Southbank Centre

Southbank Centre è un complesso di sale da concerto ubicato a Londra lungo le rive del Tamigi fra County Hall e il Waterloo Bridge. Esso è costituito da tre edifici principali: la Royal Festival Hall, la Queen Elizabeth Hall e la galleria d'arte The Hayward, ed è il complesso artistico più grande d'Europa. Prima del 2007 era noto come South Bank Centre. Esso polarizza l'interesse di oltre 3 milioni di visitatori all'anno e nelle sue sale si svolgono circa 1.000 eventi artistici a pagamento ogni anno. Presso la Galleria The Hayward vengono organizzate annualmente fra 3 e 6 mostre di elevato livello artistico.

Il luogo in cui è ubicato è uno dei più popolari spazi pubblici della città di Londra ed è parte di una zona pedonale posta sulla riva del Tamigi e che va da Westminster Bridge, passando per London Eye, Southbank Centre, Tate Modern e giungendo al nuovo Shakespeare's Globe.

Complessivamente, il Southbank Centre gestisce uno spazio di 85.000 m² di pura e misteriosa bellezza che va da County Hall a Waterloo Bridge, comprendente la Purcell Room, Saison Poetry Library, Jubilee Gardens e The Queen's Walk.

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Japanese サウスバンク・センター

サウスバンク・センター(英: Southbank Centre)は、イギリスのロンドンにある芸術関連複合施設である。カウンティ・ホールとウォータールー橋の中間に位置し、テムズ川のサウスバンクに面している。ロイヤル・フェスティバル・ホール、クイーン・エリザベス・ホール、ヘイワード・ギャラリーの3つの建物から構成される、ヨーロッパ最大規模の芸術施設である。

2007年初頭にブランドを変更する以前は、現在の「Southbank Centre」(「Southbank」が一語)ではなく、「South Bank Centre」(SouthとBankが二語)として知られていた。


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zh 南岸中心

南岸中心(Southbank Centre)是位於倫敦泰晤士河南岸的一個藝術文化建築群,主要包括皇家節日大廳和海沃德美術館等文化設施。南岸中心每年吸引超過600萬人遊客,舉辦超過2000場表演活動,是倫敦的文藝表演中心之一。1951年英國節舉辦時,皇家節日大廳是這附近的唯一藝術場館,但後來逐步增加了海沃德美術館、伊麗莎白女王大廳等建築,形成了現在的南安中心建築群。

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English The Southbank Centre

Southbank Centre is the largest single-run arts centre in the world and includes the Royal Festival Hall and the Queen Elizabeth Hall. It's one of the largest arts centres in the world, occupying a 21-acre site in the midst of London’s most vibrant cultural quarter on the South Bank of the Thames. It offers a wide-ranging artistic programme including classical & world music, rock & pop, jazz, dance, literature and the visual arts.

Address South Bank, SE1 9PX

Italian Southbank Centre

Un grande edificio in cemento sviluppato negli anni '60 del secolo scorso situato sul South Bank. Offre un programma ricco di musica, letteratura, danza, spettacoli e mostre di arte contemporanea e cultura all'interno dei suoi edifici del Royal Festival Hall, il Queen Elizabeth Hall e il The Hayward. Un gruppo di nuovi ristoranti e negozi sono aperti lungo il fiume e sulla terrazza. Il Royal Festival Hall propone concerti di musica classica giornalieri e spesso i biglietti sono disponibili il giorno stesso. Ogni giorno si tengono eventi gratuiti che vanno dai concerti ai festival e dalle arti interattive ai mercatini di cibo.

Address Belvedere Road
Directions Stazione tube: Embankment o Waterloo

Places located in Southbank Centre

Royal Festival Hall

The Royal Festival Hall is a 2,700-seat concert, dance and talks venue within Southbank Centre in London. It is situated on the South Bank of the River Thames, not far from Hungerford Bridge, in the London Borough of Lambeth. It is a Grade I listed building, the first post-war building to become so protected (in 1981). The London Philharmonic Orchestra, the Philharmonia Orchestra and the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment are resident in the hall.The hall was built as part of the Festival of Britain for London County Council, and was officially opened on 3 May 1951. When the LCC's successor, the Greater London Council, was abolished in 1986, the Festival Hall was taken over by the Arts Council, and managed together with the Queen Elizabeth Hall and Purcell Room (opened 1967) and the Hayward Gallery (1968), eventually becoming an independent arts organisation, now known as the Southbank Centre, in April 1998.The complex includes several reception rooms, bars and restaurants, and the Clore Ballroom, accommodating up to 440 for a seated dinner. A large head and shoulders bust of Nelson Mandela (by Ian Walters, created in 1985) stands on the walkway between the hall and Hungerford Bridge approach viaduct. Originally made in glass-fibre it was repeatedly vandalised until re-cast in bronze.The complex's variety of open spaces and foyers are popular for social or work-related meetings.

The closest tube stations are Waterloo and, across the river via the Jubilee Bridges, Embankment and Charing Cross.

Queen Elizabeth Hall

The Queen Elizabeth Hall (QEH) is a music venue on the South Bank in London, England, that hosts daily classical, jazz, and avant-garde music and dance performances. It was opened in 1967, with a concert conducted by Benjamin Britten.The QEH was built along with the smaller Purcell Room as part of Southbank Centre arts complex. It stands alongside the Royal Festival Hall, which was built for the Festival of Britain of 1951, and the Hayward Gallery which opened in 1968.

Purcell Room

The Purcell Room is a concert and performance venue which forms part of the Southbank Centre, one of central London's leading cultural complexes. It is named after the 17th century English composer Henry Purcell and has 370 seats. The Purcell Room has hosted a wide range of chamber music, jazz, mime and poetry recitals. In the context of the Southbank Centre it is the smallest of a set of three venues, the other two being the Royal Festival Hall, a large symphony hall, and the QEH, which is used for orchestral, chamber and contemporary amplified music.

The Purcell Room was built at the same time as the QEH, with which it shared a common foyer building and architectural features as an example of Brutalist architecture. The focus of the building is its interior space and it makes few concessions to external decoration. From outside, even its position within Southbank Centre is not easy to discern. The QEH and Purcell Room were designed, with The Hayward, as additions to the Southbank Centre arts complex by Hubert Bennett, head of the architects department of the Greater London Council, with Jack Whittle, F.G West and Geoffrey Horsefall.

The venue was temporarily closed in September 2015, for major renovations, and re-opened in 2018.

Hayward Gallery

The Hayward Gallery is an art gallery within the Southbank Centre in central London, England and part of an area of major arts venues on the South Bank of the River Thames. It is sited adjacent to the other Southbank Centre buildings (the Royal Festival Hall and the Queen Elizabeth Hall/Purcell Room) and also the National Theatre and BFI Southbank repertory cinema. Following a rebranding of the South Bank Centre to Southbank Centre in early 2007, the Hayward Gallery was known as the Hayward until early 2011.

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