Electric Cinema, Notting Hill

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cinema in Notting Hill, London, England

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Geographical coordinates: 51.5155 -0.205


English Electric Cinema, Notting Hill

The Electric Cinema is a movie theatre in Notting Hill, London. It is one of the oldest working cinemas in Britain.

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Japanese エレクトリック・シネマ (ノッティング・ヒル)

エレクトリック・シネマ(The Electric Cinema)はイギリス、ロンドンのノッティング・ヒルにある映画館。イギリスに現存する映画館では最古の部類に属する。イギリス指定建造物において特別に重要な建造物を指すグレード「2*級」に指定されている。

Source: エレクトリック・シネマ (ノッティング・ヒル)


English Electric Cinema

A restored cinema boasting all leather armchairs (most with footstools) and a bar in the theatre - this is definitely a Notting Hill experience. The Electric shows a wide range of films from cinema classics, cult and independent films, to regular Hollywood blockbusters. They also have the Electric Scream session, specifically for parents with screaming babies! Ticket prices vary depending on how fancy your seat is. More expensive than a normal cinema but a fun experience.

Address 191 Portobello Rd
ja エレクトリック・シネマ (ノッティング・ヒル)
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