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English Playhouse Theatre

The Playhouse Theatre is a West End theatre in the City of Westminster, located in Northumberland Avenue, near Trafalgar Square. The Theatre was built by F. H. Fowler and Hill with a seating capacity of 1,200. It was rebuilt in 1907 and still retains its original substage machinery. Its current seating capacity is 786.

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French Playhouse Theatre

Le Playhouse Theatre est un théâtre situé à Londres Northumberland Avenue, à West End dans la Cité de Westminster, à proximité de Trafalgar Square et inauguré en 1882.

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Italian Playhouse Theatre

Il Playhouse Theatre è un teatro sito nella città di Westminster del West End di Londra. Il teatro, progettato da F. H. Fowler e Hill, aprì nel 1882 e fu successivamente ricostruito nel 1907. Dopo il restauro la capacità del teatro diminuì da 1200 a 786 posti, disposti su tre livelli.

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zh 剧场剧院

剧场剧院(Playhouse Theatre)是一个西区剧院,位于英国伦敦西敏市诺森伯兰大道,靠近特拉法加广场。该剧院由塞夫顿·亨利·帕里建造,于1882年3月11日开幕,名为皇家大道剧院(Royal Avenue Theatre),有1200个座位,由F. H. Fowler & Hill 建筑事务所设计。目前剧院容量是786人。

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fa تئاتر پلیهاوسhe תיאטרון פלייהאוסja プレイハウス劇場zh 表演屋劇院arz مسرح مسرحzh-cn 剧团剧院zh-hant 劇團劇院
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