The Ivy

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restaurant in London, England

Geographical coordinates: 51.513 -0.128402


English The Ivy

The Ivy is a restaurant which is popular with celebrities, people from the arts and media and theatregoers. It is situated in West Street, near Cambridge Circus in London, opposite the Ambassadors and St Martin's theatres.

The Ivy now has branches in Britain and Ireland..

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English The Ivy

Wining and dining rooms of celebrities, the actual difficulty in getting a table these days gives the restaurant slightly more kudos as an eatery than it deserves. Cosy and intimate, serving traditional but diverse restaurant meals. Competent cooking and reasonably good service, but not worth waiting 6 months for. Unless you are an avid star-gazer, go at a time when celebs are unlikely to be around.

Address 1 West St
Price Average price £40
zh 常春藤餐厅zh-cn 常春藤餐厅zh-hans 常春藤餐厅zh-hant 常春藤餐廳
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