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West End theatre in London, England

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English Gillian Lynne Theatre

The Gillian Lynne Theatre (formerly New London Theatre) is a West End theatre located on the corner of Drury Lane and Parker Street in Covent Garden, in the London Borough of Camden. The Winter Garden Theatre formerly occupied the site until 1965. On 1 May 2018, the theatre was officially renamed the Gillian Lynne Theatre in honour of Gillian Lynne. It is the first theatre in the West End of London to be named after a non-royal woman.

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German Gillian Lynne Theatre

Das Gillian Lynne Theatre (ehemals New London Theatre) ist ein Theater in London. Es liegt an der Drury Lane, Ecke Parker Street. Das Theater hat 1106 Plätze.

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Italian Gillian Lynne Theatre

Il Gillian Lynne Theatre (ex New London Theatre) è un Teatro del West End situato all'angolo tra Drury Lane e Parker Street a Covent Garden, nel borgo londinese di Camden. Il Winter Garden Theatre precedentemente aveva occupato il sito fino al 1965. Il 1º maggio 2018 il teatro fu ufficialmente ribattezzato Gillian Lynne Theater in onore di Gillian Lynne. È il primo teatro nel West End di Londra che prende il nome da una donna non appartenente alla casa reale.

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Chenese 新倫敦劇院

新倫敦劇院(New London Theatre)是倫敦西區的一座劇院,位於康登倫敦自治市的科芳園。新倫敦劇院最早是一座音樂廳,始建於17世紀末期。1911年,劇院進行重建並改名為New Middlesex Theatre of Varieties。戰後新倫敦劇院再次進行重建並改為現名。

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English Gillian Lynne Theatre (New London Theatre)

Address Drury Ln, WC2B 5PW

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de New London Theatrefa تئاتر نیو لندنfr New London Theatreja ニュー・ロンドン・シアターnb New London Theatrenl New London Theatrezh 新倫敦劇院zh-cn 新伦敦剧院zh-hant 新倫敦劇院
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