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English Lyceum Theatre, London

The Lyceum Theatre (pronounced ly-CEE-um) is a 2,100-seat West End theatre located in the City of Westminster, on Wellington Street, just off the Strand. The origins of the theatre date to 1765. Managed by Samuel Arnold, from 1794 to 1809 the building hosted a variety of entertainments including a circus produced by Philip Astley, a chapel, and the first London exhibition of waxworks displayed by Madame Tussaud. From 1816 to 1830, it served as The English Opera House. After a fire, the house was rebuilt and reopened on 14 July 1834 to a design by Samuel Beazley. The building was unique in that it has a balcony overhanging the dress circle. It was built by the partnership of Peto & Grissell. The theatre then played opera, adaptations of Charles Dickens novels and James Planché's "fairy extravaganzas", among other works.

From 1871 to 1902, Henry Irving appeared at the theatre in, especially, Shakespeare, usually starring opposite Ellen Terry. In 1904 the theatre was almost completely rebuilt and richly ornamented in Rococo style by Bertie Crewe, but it retained Beazley's façade and grand portico. It played mostly melodrama over the ensuing decades. The building closed in 1939 and was set to be demolished, but it was saved and converted into a Mecca Ballroom in 1951, styled the Lyceum Ballroom, where many well-known bands played. The Lyceum was closed in 1986 but restored to theatrical use in 1996 by Holohan Architects. Since 1999, the theatre has hosted The Lion King.

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German Lyceum Theatre (London)

Das Lyceum Theatre ist ein Theater in London. Es befindet sich im Theaterviertel West End.

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Spanish Lyceum Theatre (Londres)

El Lyceum Theatre es un teatro localizado en la Ciudad de Westminster, Londres, Reino Unido. Con capacidad para 2100 espectadores, forma parte de los teatros del West End. Se encuentra en Wellington Street, junto a The Strand, desde 1765 y la construcción actual, proyectada por Samuel Beazley, fue inaugurada el 14 de julio de 1834.[1]​

Una reforma comandada por Bertie Crewe en 1904 alteró sustancialmente el interior, manteniendo sólo la fachada y el gran pórtico de Beazley. Un proyecto de restauración en 1996 bajo responsabilidad de la firma Holohan Architects marcó el retorno del uso de la construcción como teatro, después de largo tiempo utilizada como salón de baile.[2]​

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French Lyceum Theatre (Londres)

Le Lyceum Theatre est une salle de spectacle de 2 100 places située sur Wellington Street et derrière le Strand dans le West End, City of Westminster, de Londres.

Les adaptations de Dickens se poursuivent ensuite avec le concours de l'écrivain lui-même en 1860 autour de A Tale of Two Cities et d'autres romans et nouvelles.

De 1863 à 1867 les productions spectaculaires s’enchaînent sous la direction de Charles Fechter, le théâtre reprend son nom primitif de Lyceum Theatre.

En 1866, The Long Strike de Dion Boucicault est adapté des romans Mary Barton et Lizzie Leigh d'Elizabeth Gaskell. Ethel Lavenu, mère et grand-mère des acteurs Tyrone Power, Sr. and Tyrone Power se produit dans la plupart des pièces des années 1860.

En 1863, W. S. Gilbert introduit la pantomime avec Uncle Baby et Harlequin Cock Robin and Jenny Wren en 1867. En 1884, il présente le drame Comedy and Tragedy.

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Italian Lyceum Theatre

Il Lyceum Theatre è un teatro da 2.000 posti, situato in Wellington Street, subito oltre Strand nella Città di Westminster, un borgo di Londra. Il primo edificio teatrale risale al 1765, quello attuale venne aperto il 14 luglio 1834, su progetto di Samuel Beazley. La struttura era unica per l'epoca, in quanto possedeva un balcone che circondava completamente l'edificio; alla costruzione partecipò l'ingegnere civile Samuel Morton Peto.

La struttura attuale mantiene la facciata ed il portico del progetto originale di Samuel Beazley, mentre nel 1904 la sezione posteriore dell'edificio venne ricostruita, su progetto dell'architetto Bertie Crewe. Chiuso e destinato alla demolizione nel 1939 fu riconvertito in sala da ballo nel 1951, infine, nel 1996 lo studio Holohan Architects lo riportò ad uso teatro.

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Portuguese Lyceum Theatre (Londres)

Lyceum Theatre é um teatro de 2,000 lugares localizado na Cidade de Westminster, no West End de Londres. O teatro existe neste local desde 1765, e a construção atual, projetada por Samuel Beazley, foi inaugurada em 14 de julho de 1834. Uma reforma comandada por Bertie Crewe em 1904 alterou substancialmente o interior, mantendo apenas a fachada e o grande pórtico de Beazley. Um projeto de restauração em 1996 sob responsabilidade da firma Holohan Architets marcou o retorno do uso da construção como teatro, após longo tempo utilizada como salão de dança.

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Russian Лицеум

Театр Лицеум (англ. Lyceum Theatre) — театр в западной части Лондона, в районе Вест-Энд, на Веллингтон-стрит, неподалеку от Стрэнда.

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Chenese 蘭心劇院

蘭心劇院(Lyceum Theatre),又譯萊塞姆劇院,是位於倫敦西敏市的一座劇院,共有2,100個座位。其歷史開始於1765年。在1816年至1830年期間,萊塞姆劇院曾名為英格蘭歌劇院(The English Opera House)。萊塞姆劇院在19世紀時重建並在1834年7月14日重新開放。

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English Lyceum Theatre

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