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church in Spitalfields, London

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English Christ Church, Spitalfields

Christ Church Spitalfields is an Anglican church built between 1714 and 1729 to a design by Nicholas Hawksmoor. On Commercial Street in the East End and in today's Central London it is in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, on its western border facing the City of London, it was one of the first (and arguably one of the finest) of the so-called "Commissioners' Churches" built for the Commission for Building Fifty New Churches, which had been established by an Act of Parliament in 1711.

The purpose of the Commission was to acquire sites and build fifty new churches to serve London's new settlements. This parish was carved out of the circa 1 square mile (2.6 km2) medieval Stepney parish for an area then dominated by Huguenots (French Protestants and other 'dissenters' who owed no allegiance to the Church of England and thus to the King) as a show of Anglican authority. Some Huguenots used it for baptisms, marriages and burials but not for everyday worship, preferring their own chapels (their chapels were severely plain compared with the bombastic English Baroque style of Christ Church) though increasingly they assimilated into English life and Anglican worship – which was in the eighteenth century relatively plain.

The Commissioners for the new churches including Christopher Wren, Thomas Archer and John Vanbrugh appointed two surveyors, one of whom was Nicholas Hawksmoor. Only twelve of the planned fifty churches were built, of which six were designed by Hawksmoor.

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Russian Церковь Христа (Спиталфилдс)

Церковь Христа — англиканская церковь в районе Лондона Спиталфилдс, Великобритания. Была построена в 1714—1729 годах по проекту Николаса Хоксмура. Одна из первых так называемых «комиссионерских» церквей, возведённых для Комиссии по строительству пятидесяти новых церквей, согласно акту парламента 1711 года.

Source: Церковь Христа (Спиталфилдс)

Chenese 基督教堂 (斯皮塔佛德)

基督教堂(Christ Church)是位於英國倫敦塔村區斯皮塔佛德的一座聖公會教堂,修建於1714年至1729年,設計者是尼可拉斯·霍克斯穆爾。這座教堂是首批委員會教堂之一。教堂內的管風琴於1735年開始製作。1960年,由於教堂屋頂有安全隱患,基督教堂幾乎被廢棄。1976年,有組織開始籌集資金修復教堂。2004年,教堂完成了修復。

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English Christ Church

The restoration of the nave was completed in September 2004, and this church is still a striking building designed by Sir Nicholas Hawksmoor with a particularly tall, pointed spire. Hawksmoor's design was significantly altered in the 19th century, and present continuing restoration is intended to restore it to Hawksmoor's original vision. Christ Church was built as part of the 50 Churches for London project

Address Fournier St
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Italian Christ Church

Chiesa del XVII secolo.

Price Free / Tour £6
Hours Lun-Ven 10:00-16:00, Su 13:00-16:00

Italian Chiesa di Cristo (Christ Church)

Il restauro della navata centrale è stato terminato a Settembre del 2004 e questa chiesa è ancora straordinaria, progettata dal Signor Nicholas Hawksmoor con una ben distinta guglia molto alta. Il progetto di Hawksmoor è stato cambiato molto nel XIX secolo e il restauro moderno cerca di riportare al progetto originale. Questa chiesa fu costruita come parte del progetto 50 Chiese per Londra.

Address Fournier Street, E1 6QE
Directions fermata metro: Liverpool Street
arz كنيسه المسيحhe כנסיית כרייסט בסטפיטלפילדסru Церковь Христа (Спиталфилдс)zh 基督教堂
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