Wilmette Theatre

movie theater in Wilmette, Illinois, United States

Geographical coordinates: 42.076733 -87.705976


English The Wilmette Theatre

The Wilmette Theatre is a multi-arts and performance center in Wilmette, Chicago, Illinois. It is run as a not-for-profit organisation.

The theatre was opened in 1913. The building was bought by Encyclopædia Britannica Films (EBF) in 1950. In 1966 Richard Stern bought the theatre from EBF, and operated it for 40 years. The theatre became a Nonprofit Organization in 2011.

Programming includes movies, partnerships with leading cultural institutions, and live events. There are two theatres, one seating 140 with a stage, lighting and sound system. The other theatre has 110 seats and an event space in the rear of the theatre.

Source: The Wilmette Theatre


English Wilmette Theatre

Has movies and live performances.

Address 1122 Central Ave
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