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Berlin U-Bahn station

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English Rathaus Spandau (Berlin U-Bahn)

Rathaus Spandau (Spandau Town Hall) is one of the western termini of Berlin U-Bahn line U7 (the other one being Rudow). It was opened on 1 October 1984 with the line's extension from Rohrdamm to Rathaus Spandau. The station takes its name from the nearby Rathaus Spandau, the historic city hall of Spandau.

Close to the U-Bahn station Rathaus Spandau is the Berlin-Spandau station of the Berlin S-Bahn line S5 and the Deutsche Bahn for regional and intercity transport. The next station on the U7 line is Altstadt Spandau.The station was built in a box under a cover in order to minimise the disturbance of surface traffic. With its two island platforms, the station, which was designed by Rainer G. Rümmler, has almost monumental dimensions. It has a big hall with high ceilings, much light and 64 lamps, columns with black granite and a parquet floor like floor. The southern end of its platforms are spanned by a gallery for the movement of passengers to the surface and from which the entire station can be seen. The U-Bahn station also includes a signal control centre for the line to Paulsternstraße.

U-Bahn line U7 uses the inner tracks, which are built for large profile trains, while the track beds of the outer tracks, which are built for the operation of small profile trains on a planned extension of the U-Bahn line U2, which currently runs only as far as Ruhleben, are currently empty. Uniquely for the Berlin U-Bahn, this line would run to the left of the platforms to improve interchanges for the planned extensions of the U7 to Staaken and the U2 to Falkenhagener Feld. There is currently no prospect of these extensions being built.

Although the station is very close to Spandau S-Bahn station, it has kept its name. Nevertheless, Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe buses always show the destination as S+U Rathaus Spandau, but the S-Bahn station is only signed as Spandau.

Source: Rathaus Spandau (Berlin U-Bahn)

Finnish Rathaus Spandaun metroasema

Rathaus Spandaun metroasema sijaitsee läntisessä Berliinissä, Spandaun kaupunginosassa. Se on U7-linjan pääteasema. Asema avattiin vuonna 1984, kun U7-linjaa jatkettiin Rohrdammin metroasemalta Rathaus Spandauhun asti. Asema on saanut nimensä Spandaun raatihuoneen mukaan. Se toimii myös Spandaun alueen paikallisliikenteen linja-autoasemana. Asemaa vastapäätä on Spandaun rautatieasema, jolla pysähtyvät kaukojunat ja S-Bahn-linjan 3 junat.

Source: Rathaus Spandaun metroasema

French Rathaus Spandau (métro de Berlin)

Rathaus Spandau est la station souterraine terminus de la ligne 7 du métro de Berlin (U7). Elle est située à l'ouest du centre-ville de Berlin, sous la place devant la mairie de Spandau (Rathaus Spandau) éponyme, dans le quartier de Spandau et l'arrondissement de Spandau.

Conçue par Rainer G. Rümmler, elle est mise en service en 1984. Elle est exploitée par Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG). Elle est accessible par escaliers, et ascenseurs. Elle dessert la gare de Berlin-Spandau

Source: Rathaus Spandau (métro de Berlin)

Italian Rathaus Spandau (metropolitana di Berlino)

La stazione di Rathaus Spandau è una stazione della metropolitana di Berlino, capolinea occidentale della linea U7.

È posta sotto tutela monumentale (Denkmalschutz).

Source: Rathaus Spandau (metropolitana di Berlino)

Polish Rathaus Spandau (stacja metra)

Rathaus Spandau - stacja metra w Berlinie, w dzielnicy Spandau, w okręgu administracyjnym Spandau na linii U7. Stacja została otwarta w 1984.

Source: Rathaus Spandau (stacja metra)

Russian Ратхаус Шпандау (станция метро)

«Ратхаус Шпандау» (нем. Rathaus Spandau) — станция Берлинского метрополитена в округе Шпандау, северо-западная конечная линии U7, имеет пересадку на станцию «Шпандау» внутригородских электричек.

Source: Ратхаус Шпандау (станция метро)

Swedish Rathaus Spandau (Berlins tunnelbana)

Rathaus Spandau, tunnelbanestation i Berlins tunnelbana och slutstation för linje U7.

Stationen har fått sitt namn efter Rathaus Spandau och invigdes 1984. Rathaus Spandau ligger i anslutning till Bahnhof Berlin-Spandau med Berlins pendeltåg och fjärrtrafik.

Source: Rathaus Spandau (Berlins tunnelbana)

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