Louis-Lewin-Straße metro station

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Berlin U-Bahn station

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English Louis-Lewin-Straße (Berlin U-Bahn)

Louis-Lewin-Straße is an underground railway station in the German capital city of Berlin. It is part of the Berlin U-Bahn; the station is located on the line.

The station opened in July 1989, just a few months before the fall of the Berlin Wall. The station was formerly located in Hönow, and the surrounding area was annexed by Berlin during German reunification on 3 October 1990.

The eastern extension of (what is now) line U5 was one of the last major construction projects of the former German Democratic Republic.

It was originally called Hönow-West in planning stages. In 1989 up to 1991 the name of the station was Paul-Verner-Strasse, however as P. Verner was an SED politician the name was changed after the reunification of Germany to the toxicologist and professor at the Humboldt University Lewin (1850–1929).

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German U-Bahnhof Louis-Lewin-Straße

Der U-Bahnhof Louis-Lewin-Straße ist eine Station der Berliner U-Bahn-Linie U5 im Berliner Ortsteil Hellersdorf. Der Bahnhof ist 837 Meter vom U-Bahnhof Hellersdorf und 1025 Meter vom U-Bahnhof Hönow entfernt. Er wird BVG-intern unter dem Kürzel LL geführt.

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French Louis-Lewin-Straße (métro de Berlin)

Louis-Lewin-Straße est une station de la ligne 5 du métro de Berlin, située dans le quartier de Hellersdorf.

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Italian Louis-Lewin-Straße (metropolitana di Berlino)

La stazione di Louis-Lewin-Straße è una stazione della metropolitana di Berlino, sulla linea U5.

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Polish Louis-Lewin-Straße

Louis-Lewin-Straße – stacja metra w Berlinie, w dzielnicy Hellersdorf, w okręgu administracyjnym Marzahn-Hellersdorf na linii U5. Stacja została otwarta w 1989.

Source: Louis-Lewin-Straße

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