German Steam Locomotive Museum

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English German Steam Locomotive Museum

The German Steam Locomotive Museum (Deutsches Dampflokomotiv-Museum) or DDM is located at the foot of the famous Schiefe Ebene ramp on the Ludwig South-North Railway in Neuenmarkt, Upper Franconia. This region is in northern Bavaria, Germany. The DDM was founded in 1977.

Source: German Steam Locomotive Museum

German Deutsches Dampflokomotiv-Museum

Das Deutsche Dampflokomotiv-Museum (DDM) befindet sich am Fuß der Schiefen Ebene (Teilstück der Ludwig-Süd-Nord-Bahn) in Neuenmarkt in Oberfranken.

Source: Deutsches Dampflokomotiv-Museum

Russian Немецкий музей паровозов

Немецкий музей паровозов (нем. Deutsches Dampflokomotiv-Museum) расположен на железной дороге Ludwig-Süd-Nord-Bahn в городе Нойенмаркт в северной Баварии (Германия). Основан в 1977 году.

Source: Немецкий музей паровозов


English German Steam Locomotive Museum (Deutsches Dampflokomotiv-Museum)

The museum is close to the schiefe Ebene (inclined plane), one of the first rail lines with a significant incline (up to 25 permille) that trains had to climb without any outside help - quite a challenge for 19th-century steam engines.

Address Birkenstraße 5 Neuenmarkt, Upper Franconia
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