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English Nairobi Railway Museum

The Nairobi Railway Museum is a railway museum in Nairobi, Kenya, adjacent to Nairobi railway station. Containing exhibits from the defunct East African Railways, it was opened in 1971 by East African Railways and Harbours Corporation. It is operated by Kenya Railways.

The museum has maintained its rail connection. This allows for the efficient movement of museum exhibits for maintenance and placing items in the collection.

The three operational steam locomotives are stored securely under cover within the main railway works. Visitors must request an appointment to view them. They have not been used for several years. One of the display locomotives, 301 (2301) was used in the 1985 movie, Out of Africa.

The museum's collection also includes early diesel locomotives and passenger coaches. Friends of the Railway Museum East Africa (FORM East Africa), a concern encompassing Railway and Locomotive enthusiasts, has assisted in sourcing and securing artifacts for the museum.In January 2011, a working miniature railway was installed to enhance activity at the museum. This miniature train was formerly used to promote Kenya Railways (KR) on exhibitions, such as the Nairobi Show. It consists of a locomotive with a petrol-engine, and several coaches made of wood.

Source: Nairobi Railway Museum

Russian Железнодорожный музей Найроби

Железнодоро́жный музе́й Найро́би (англ. Nairobi Railway Museum) открыт на территории железнодорожной станции Найроби в 1971 году.

Source: Железнодорожный музей Найроби

Spanish Museo del ferrocarril de Nairobi

El Museo del ferrocarril de Nairobi (en inglés: Nairobi Railway Museum) es un museo ferroviario en Nairobi, en el país africano de Kenia, junto a la estación de tren de Nairobi. Contiene exhibiciones del extinto Ferrocarril del Este de África. Fue inaugurado en 1971 por los Ferrocarriles del Este de África y la Corporación de Puertos. Es gestionado por Kenya Railways (Ferrocarriles de Kenia).[1]​ El museo ha mantenido su conexión ferroviaria, por lo que está en condiciones de conservar de modo eficiente las piezas del museo para mantenimiento, etc. También permite que las adiciones a la colección se coloquen fácilmente en su lugar.

Source: Museo del ferrocarril de Nairobi

French Musée du chemin de fer de Nairobi

Le musée du chemin de fer de Nairobi (Kenya) présente du matériel ferroviaire ayant appartenu, pour la plupart, à la défunte compagnie East African Railways and Harbours Corporation.

Source: Musée du chemin de fer de Nairobi


Italian Museo ferroviario

es Museo del ferrocarril de Nairobifr musée du chemin de fer de Nairobija ナイロビ鉄道博物館ru Железнодорожный музей Найробиsw Makumbusho ya reli Nairobi
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