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English Bulawayo Railway Museum

Bulawayo Railway Museum (established 1972) is a railway museum located at Bulawayo railway station in Zimbabwe that houses several exhibitions on the history of the railway system in Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia. Its oldest exhibits date back to 1897, and include Cecil Rhodes' personal railway coach. The museum is owned by National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ). Due to the severe shortage of rolling stock, some steam locomotives from the museum have, in the past, been refurbished and returned to service.

Source: Bulawayo Railway Museum

German Zimbabwe National Railways Museum

Das Zimbabwe National Railways Museum in Bulawayo ist das nationale Eisenbahnmuseum des Staates Simbabwe im Südlichen Afrika. Es wurde am 4. November 1972 eröffnet, auf den Tag genau 75 Jahre nach Ankunft des ersten Zuges in Bulawayo.

Source: Zimbabwe National Railways Museum


German Railway Museum

Seit 1972 gibt es das nationale Eisenbahnmuseum, sinnigerweise in Bahnhofsnähe.

Address Crew Rd.
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Russian Музей железных дорог Зимбабве

Технический музей с большим количеством железнодорожной техники за период более 100-летней истории развития железных дорог Родезии. Главной изюминкой экспозиции является персональный люкс-вагон Сесила Родса.

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